Clinical Lite™ Combination Kit

Clinical Lite™ Combination Kit     

Model: A121

Features: Latex free, nylon cuff, Index and Range Markings, artery indicator mark, owner ID label, gauge holder, standard inflation bulb and air release valve, matching 6"x9" nylon carry case,
Cuff Range: 10"-16"*
Warranty: Lifetime Calibration

*Range refers to the arm circumference that the cuff is designed to operate on.

Code: AQS

Color: Aqua Sea

Our best selling aneroid sphygmomanometer matched with the Clinical Lite™ stethoscope. Made of anodized aluminum, the Clinical Lite™ is a classic dual head stethoscope that weighs only 4 oz.

A portion of the sale of Pink Ribbon prints is donated to the American Cancer Society.

MSRP: $67.25 - $69.50
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